Steve is passionate entrepreneur, with a thirst for wander and drive to combine his passions with business. Travel, Health & Wellness.

Don’t ask him to spell or calculate your portion of the bill but he could probably crack a coconut for you in 30 seconds. After spending some time in the Cook Islands as a kid, he quickly learnt not to take himself too seriously and got comfortable with being uncomfortable.

His headmaster told him ‘school isn’t the right place for you Steve’. This is where the thirst for wander began. On his journey, he toyed with many career paths, determined to bring his passions into his career, a successful stint at Flight Centre and even became a pilot. With aviation nuts in the Pirie blood, it only seemed natural. But routine was not something that would be a natural fit with a “Wanders Mindset”

It wasn’t until after a trip to Fiji with a friend and many “ Fiji Bitters”, where Unleashed Travel was born. 12 years on and 25,000 passengers later, Unleashed continues to be a market leader in overseas school leaver travel. Steve also got involved with the creation of the Fernatics, again, able to travel the world and combining his love for sport and travel.

As Steve’s business interests shifted with the desire of moulding travel, health, wellness and business into one, He connected with old colleague, now business partner, Zac de Silva. Numerous long black’s and 4 years later, Nurture Change has 800 amazing alumni doing amazing things. Connecting some of New Zealand best and up and coming business owners through a week “Bizcation” in beautiful locations like Fiji & Hawaii.

In 2018, Steve’s thirst for wander doesn’t show any signs of slowing down with his 4th Nurture Change retreat and the launch of Nurture Her, Island in a Box, WellTravelled and Wonder & Wander.

On paper, Steve is based in Aukland but in the past 8 years he has been out of country for 1136 days, flown around the world 31 times, been to 46 countries, yet has only touched 14% of the world. Steve’s journey is still at the beginning, it’s just the next chapter.

Married to beautiful wife Hayley for 11 years and proud father of three awesome children Lola 5, Luca 3, Paxton 1

“Don’t DREAM your life, LIVE your Dream”

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